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Every child has the unique gift of being an individual; our mission is to build on your child's unique abilities by encouraging them to explore the world around them. Allowing children to explore their world within safe boundaries and by providing a nurturing & stable environment, children can thrive.



Specializing in child care for children ages 6 weeks to TK; in an intimate HOME setting.



Established in 1996. Our continued education throughout the years has given us the ability to provide quality child care. In late 1996 we opened our doors to families in South Orange County, California who were in need of assistance with child care and in early 1997 completed the process of attaining our license. In just under two years our early success grew us from a small group facility to a large group facility. This gave us the opportunity to expand our ability to provide a home environment to young children.  In addition, our goal is to support the varous styles of child rearing to best match the styles of each parent and the needs of the child.


Meet the Business Owner

Born in the mid 1960's, I grew up in South Orange County. After graduation I worked in the corporate world; soon marrying and raising a family of my own. In those early years of raising a child; I had the benefit of having my mother care for my son in her home day care. Shortly thereafter I realized what a great benefit this was to my son in his early years of life.

In 1996 I decided to leave the corporate world as a Health & Safety Manger and open my own home child care. My goal; to provide a loving, nurturing home environment to other children so they could benefit the way my son did, this being an experience I felt many parents wanted for their own children.


Initially caring for one families children during the licensing process in late 1996, by early 1997 the long process of licensing was completed and we were granted our FCCP license. We quickly grew and built a great reputation. Within a short time the need for quality day care in the community lead us to increase our license from a small facility to a large facility in order to assist more families in need of quality care; while still maintaining an intimate feel.


After several years of running a successful business; I joined the Orange County Child Care Association  (OCCCA) and volunteered to assist parents in the community with locating quality child care. After a short time I was nominated and joined the Board of Directors of the OCCCA. Bringing my skills in the corporate world, I took on many roles, from Membership Chairperson, Newsletter Editor and Website Designer.


While no longer on the Board I enjoy assisting the many parents who look for child care in the community.

For many years to come we plan on keeping our home open to the families in need of child care in our community and continue our education.

The following certification and training is REQUIRED by Community Care Licensing (CCL) in order to maintain a FCCH license:

  • Mandated Reporter, every 2 yrs

  • Infant, Toddler, Adult CPR, every 2 yrs 

  • AED, every 2 yrs

  • First Aid, every 2 yrs

  • Health & Safety

  • Child Nutrition

  • Bloodborne Pathogens

  • Lead Poisoning Prevention


The following certification and training is NOT REQUIRED however, to provide quality care,we feel is essential. 


  • Other Training Resources

    • Disaster Awareness Conference, YMCA Childcare Resources

    • Covid-19 Health & Safety​, California Early Childhood Online 

    • Health and Safety, Resources and Guidance for Caring for Children During the Pandemic, WestEd

    • Health and Safety in Child Care Settings, UCSF California Child Care Health Program

    • Lead Poisoning Prevention 

    • Considerations for Infants and Toddlers During Disasters

    • CA Poison Control System Poison Prevention Training

  • American Academy of Pediatrics Certifications

    • Bug Busting in Early Care and Education Settings

    • Influenza Prevention and Control - Strategies for Early Education and Child Care 2017-2018

    • Preventing & Managing Infectious Diseases in Early Education and Child Care

    • Medication Administration in Early Education and Child Care

    • Reducing the Risk of SIDS and SUID in Early Education and Child Care

    • Keeping Children Safe - Injury Prevention in Early Child Care


  • Children's Home Society of Orange County

    • Language, Literacy, Social Studies, ECSRS Unit 4

    • Critical Thinking, Science and Math, ECSRS Unit 5

    • Routines and Transitions

    • Setting Up Learning Environments in Family Child Care

    • A Bridge Workshop: Trauma Informed Care

      • Module 1 - An Overview of Trauma Informed Care

      • Module 2 - Enhancing Caregiver Resiliency

  • Orange County Quality Start (QRIS) 

    • PITC - Understanding A Child's Behavior​

  • Child Care Initiatie Project (CCIP)

    • Why Social Emotional Climiate at your Program Matters​

  • ​California Early Childhood Online (CECO)

    • Guidance for Early Learning in Child Care Home Setting

    • Trauma Informed Practice:

      • Mod 1_Culturally Responsive, 2hr 

      • Mod 2_Prevalance of Trauma and the Traumatic Impact of Racism, 2hrs

      • Mod 3_Promoting Resilience and Healing 

    • Social Emotional Development: Relationships 

  • CA Child Care Resource Center

    • Infant Meal Patterns​

  • California Preschool Instructional Network (CPIN)

    • Social Emotional Development: Relationships ​

    • Language & Literacy, Phonological Awareness

    • Physical Development: Active Physical Play  

  • WestEd

    • Program for Infant and Toddler Care (PITC)

    • Sesame Street | Believe with Math 

    • Sesame Street | Building a Reader 

  • The Whole Child, Joanne Hendrick, Phd:

    • Babies Are Children Too

    • Respecting Diversity

  • Zero to Three

    • The Growing Brain Series

      • Unit 6_Understanding Behavior​

      • Unit 7_Everyday Play 

  • California Department of Education School Districts

    • Dr. Becky Bailey, Brain Smart, OCDE

    • Recognizing the Signs, The Special Needs Child, OCDE

    • Safety as they Grow, Pomona Unified

    • Infant, Toddler Development & Learning, Pomona Unified 

    • Creating Engaging Environments, Del Norte, Child Care Council

    • Best Practices for Supporting Toileting Independence

    • Trauma Responsive Practice​​

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Space Availability

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Celebrating over 26 Years
of Supporting Our Communities Needs for Quality Child Care 

To provide a loving family child care home to infants and toddlers. To assist parents by giving their child a foundation and head start to launch them on their journey in life.

a HOME away from HOME

Since 1996 this has been our slogan. Why? While we believe there is nothing better than the time parents get to spend with their children at home; for many parents working full time is required to take care of their children and provide a home, thus finding alternate care that  fosters a home environment is essential. We thus want to provide that 'home' environment.



Our Daycare Home

Our concept of a home environment includes eating meals at the 'kitchen' table, playing not only in a dedicated playroom; but also the family room.  We also feel making the children feel 'part of our family' provides a loving environment and promotes social skills in the children.  Also, as with many families children socialize with children of all age groups, not just their own. This is beneficial as younger ones learn skills older ones have mastered, and older ones learn how to nurture younger ones.



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