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Celebrating over 25 years serving our community.





Dear Parents,


We know the decision to select us as your child care provider comes with trust in our desire and ability to care for your little ones. We take seriously this responsibility and the impact we play in the life of your child.


Since opening our home in 1995, we have cared for over 150 infants and toddlers.


We look forward to our continued success in caring for these precious gifts..... the children of our future!

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Ginger Jones

How will your child spend their day?

Our "Daily Routine" is intended to give you a glimpse into how your child typically spends their day. At times this schedule varies depending on the weather and other activities scheduled. We believe a good daily routine consists of a balance of stimulating activities, freedom to explore, healthy eating and rest. A routine also gives children a sense of security. And last but surely not least children need love and attention and plenty of hugs, all of which are never in short supply.

What Parents are saying

Here are a few Thank You cards from satisfied clients.

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