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Effective June 1, 2022 we will pe posting our monthly calendar on Instagram and printables will be available upon request.

Ginger & Papa


Remember to notify us immediately if you have come into contact with someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19 and/or you or your child experiences any signs of illness. Our 949-766-9215 # is available 24-7.

Protocols for Covid19

Drop-off and Pick-up | when dropping-off and picking-up your children, please knock and step back off of the porch; allowing your toddler to stay at door at drop off or come to you safely at pick up. Of course our infants will be handed off and parents then will distance themselves; please wear a face mask for infant drop offs.

Hand Washing | children wash hands upon entry; with our usual shoe removal and more often during the day

Disinfecting | we have increased our protocols to clean and disinfect toys and surfaces. 

Nap Time | while we have slept children at a distance, we will increase the distance, allowing siblings to nap closer.

Increased outdoor play | while we play outside; weather permitting we will increase the time outside as these steps are recommended by the CDC

Lunch Time | we use social distancing when possible while allowing for social. 

Independent Play | we offer more opportunities for play that allows for social distancing.

Available Toys | we have reduced the number of toys the children play with in order to stay make disinfecting throughout the day easier. 

Toy Mouthing | as is our usual practice we teach the children to not put toys in their mouths. Naturally for infants this is a learning process as oral play is part of their development, so we closely monitor what toys infants mouth and clean those more often. 

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